BlackBerry Marketing Campaigns

Julian Philpott (Intuitive’s MD) has developed a number of creative campaigns and channel marketing activities for BlackBerry over the years.

A successful distributor magazine with engaging articles and celebrity interviews helped to showcase BlackBerry’s unique feature sets. In-store promotions, POS and product displays were developed for retail whilst a new line of packaging ensured the accessories had much better visibility in store. Tool kits and brand guidelines gave distributors the resources to create co-branded marketing campaigns. An channel programme was developed to reward performance and a European road-show allowed developers to get in front of key buyers.

Event-specific programmes also allowed for more creative communications, such as ‘The ‘Naked Without It’ campaign. The concept played on the ‘crackberry’ idea tied in with a certain vulnerability felt when you’re without your phone. But more than this, it reached out to extoll the beauty of the accessories range and the ability to personalise (‘dress up’) the BlackBerry experience. The event backdrop featured large format imagery of three naked people with different skin types(subtle and artistic) to reinforce the message and play on individuality. Although it was considered a little risqué for public consumption, the campaign was used for a number of distributor events and proved a great success.

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