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Truly Worldwide

A worldwide network of approved contractors and specialist suppliers means we are able to deliver high quality local solutions, often at reduced costs and with less impact on the environment.

With production facilities throughout the USA, Canada, South America, EMEA, South Africa and Asia-Pacific, Intuitive delivers exhibitions in every corner of the world. Our experience extends to more unusual regions, including North and West Africa, the Middle East (not just Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and Russia. Our live events are predominantly focussed on the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

Our first-hand knowledge of local customs and idiosyncrasies is invaluable in designing, planning and delivering successful projects overseas. The importance of this experience really can’t be overstated and means that we can be depended upon to deliver the same level of quality and service wherever the event takes place, worldwide. It reduces the need to appoint a multitude of agencies whilst achieving greater economies of scale and consistent brand presence.

If you’d like to learn more about our experience around the world, please get in touch.