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For us, success lies in delivering projects which instil positive affiliations and powerful brand advocates, long after a project has finished. To achieve this, intuitive develops highly original creative concepts underpinned by strong communications. Ultimately, our projects inevitably rely on live events, including exhibitions and live video streams that have the power to truly engage, and drive excitement for your brand.

It takes real effort, experience and creativity to deliver a successful event. Once you have all the elements in place, the sky’s the limit! Our experienced project team, supported by specialist partners are able to handle every aspect of your event, exhibition, video or design project, from initial planning through to execution. As well as full turn-key solutions, we also offer dedicated services including 3D and graphic design, delegate management, promotional staff, streaming and static video, photography, venue finding, and more.

Truly Global

We install exhibitions throughout the world and are equipped to produce live events across Europe, North America, the UAE and Australia. Given the international nature of our business, we use a number of useful tools and cloud services that enable us to share information and collaborate on projects, independent of where our clients are based. We always like meeting up face to face too. Located in London, the world is on our doorstep.

In Partnership

Acting as consultants, we’re also able to help strategically map out broader campaigns for our clients, including channel marketing activities, incentives and reward programmes. Whatever you’re planning, Intuitive has all the elements and experience to give your marketing campaigns the lift they need, to be truly successful.