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It’s all about chemistry

Intuitive is a leading event marketing agency, rooted in the UK but with a truly global reach, delivering exceptional events, exhibition and design projects throughout the world. In fact, the majority of our work is overseas for international clients who have come to rely on us for our expertise and specialist knowledge of local markets. See what we do for more info.

We’ve worked hard over the years to build up a global network of trusted suppliers, contractors and partners, who help us in delivering projects around the world. Even so, it’s our friendly ‘in-house’ team that is ultimately responsible for each project and for providing the day to day contact with our clients. Chemistry as well as experience then, is vital and we’re sure you’ll love working with any one of us!

With talented 2D and 3D designers, outstanding project managers, friendly account managers and creative producers, each coming to us with exceptional personal experience, it makes for a formidable team especially when you put all the elements together!

To learn more about the characters who make up our core team, click on the biogs above.

Alchemy – delivering value

We’re conscious of the highly competitive nature of our industry and the impact that competing mediums have on marketing budgets. Add to this, the economic turmoil of the past few years and it’s essential any agency can prove its worth. By adopting technology and contemporary business practices, we’re not only more flexible and quicker to respond to emerging trends but we’re also able to minimise our overheads, allowing us to be more cost-effective without ever compromising creativity.